Artist Statement - Juha Hollo

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Artist Statement


As we grow up we tend to forget what it is like to be a child. Children grow up looking ahead always trying to be like older kids and aiming to become an adult. Sadly a part of the natural course of growing up is the narrowing of a child’s imagination. Those of us who have children get a second look at childhood, this time with a view from above. I have been absolutely fascinated with how my children view their world, populated as it is by fairies, elves, and trees, which take walks during the night and settle back down before morning.

I admire the how open children are with their imagination. In my art I look at our world through a magical lens always trying to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye. I try to capture the awe I feel while standing next to the ocean or a centuries-old tree. I want to share my love of the natural world and explore that part of our natural surroundings that what we cannot simply see with our eyes. In my work I do not record natural world as I see it. Instead I use a computer in my quest to uncover new ways to perceive the beauty of nature. My native language, Finnish, has a word "pyhä", which means "sacred", but in ancient Finnish also meant a border. In my art I explore that border area between the world we see and the other.

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